Lezioni di snowboard gruppo Leukerbad

from CHF 42.- halfday
Время: lunedi - venerdì 10:00 - 12:30

Место встречи

Let yourself get carried away by the enthusiasm of the group.

  • beginner to expert riders
  • Children from 7 years, Teens and Adults
  • 4 to 8 persons per course

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Private snowboarding lessons with redcarpet.ch Champery, Leukerbad, Verbier

Whether you are ready to graduate from blues to red runs, or you love to shred black runs, we have group snowboard courses tailored for you. Get more out of your performance on the mountain in Leukerbad with these group snowboard lessons.

Why take a group snowboarding lesson?

  • No matter your snowboarding skill level, there is always room to improve and as a result enjoy snowboarding even more. From beginners to experts, snowboarders will find plenty of ways to build confidence with these snowboard lessons.
  • Each morning your snowboard Instructor will develop a lesson plan based on the group’s expectations, skill level and conditions.
  • In this class, our snowboard Instructors will teach you: Developing skills for snowboarding, carving groomers, master bumps, exploring powder, progressing to steeps, racing, or terrain park skills.
  • If possible, get your lift tickets and rentals the day before.
  • Over the course of a snowboard lesson, you might learn: The fundamentals of snowboarding; techniques for mastering groomers, moguls, steeps, deep powder, terrain parks, pipes and more.
  • Note: Beginners can not be added in the group after the first day. We suggest to take private snowboard lessons to catch up with the level of the group. 

 Для того, чтобы драгоценные минуты отдыха в это время года стали еще лучше, проведите их с redcarpet.ch. Мы постараемся учесть все Ваши пожелания, они для нас стоят на первом месте.  Redcarpet.ch предлагает Вам обучение с высококвалифицированными инструкторами. Доверяя нам, Вы получите незабываемые впечатления.



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